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About Carmine Poodles


Carmine Poodles is a very small home of Red Toy Poodles located in Central Florida.  

Our first "Carmine" poodle came to us in 1983 from Helga's Poodles. Her name was Cherry and she was out of two dark red Champions: Helga's Dennis Der Menace and Helga's Amazing Grace.  Boy were we spoiled!  She was healthy, sound, outgoing and truly "Irish Setter Red."  We bred her once to a male chosen by Helga.  The offspring went to family and were neutered.  Foolish us!! 

We had no idea how hard it would be to replace her until we started to look in 1999. 

Now we are working to breed the best red toy poodles that we can in hopes of making wonderful poodles like Cherry for ourselves and others. 

We do all that we can to produce healthy puppies.  For example,  we genetically test our dogs to be sure that the puppies we produce will not have the form of PRA (blindness) that can now be tested for.  Their legs are checked to be sure their patella (knees) are not luxating (loose).  Only adults that are friendly, outgoing and sound are bred.  All of our dogs live in the house and sleep in the bed with us-although they do have to take turns!  

Our puppies are well socialized to other dogs and people.  They are "doggie door" trained for when we are home and paper trained  for when we are not. We don't allow them outside unless we are here. We sell our puppies only to homes we feel will be a good match for them.  They come with a health certificate, puppy shots, AKC limited registration and a guarantee against genetic defects. We also ask that if there is ever a time that you can no longer care for one of our puppies that you contact us and we will take the puppy back or help you find a good home. 

Please email us at carminepoodles@gmail.com to get in touch.




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